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The 2015 Business & Management Collection is now available
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Palgrave Macmillan understands that we live in a world where business changes at a blink of the eye, from organizational structures to key innovations to issues around globalization and sustainability. Our Business and Management lists offer readers the information they need to make better business decisions. Our titles explore the most topical and relevant issues, offering not only conceptual rigor but also practical and actionable advice. Palgrave Macmillan authors have both the academic expertise and the practical experience that will ensure readers are informed of the most cutting-edge research on global topics and its applications.

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Most Accessed

  • cover for: Everybody's Business

    1. Everybody's Business Ian I. Mitroff, Can M. Alpaslan and Ellen S. O'Connor

  • cover for: Building Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility

    2. Building Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Barbara Fryzel

  • cover for: City Branding

    3. City Branding Keith Dinnie

  • cover for: Creating Good Work

    4. Creating Good Work Edited by Ron Schultz

  • cover for: Sport as a Business

    5. Sport as a Business Edited by Harald Dolles and Sten Söderman

  • cover for: Think Strategically

    6. Think Strategically Xavier Gimbert

  • cover for: Scaling Social Impact

    7. Scaling Social Impact Paul N. Bloom and Edward Skloot

  • cover for: Well-being

    8. Well-being Ivan Robertson and Cary Cooper

  • cover for: Luxury Strategy in Action

    9. Luxury Strategy in Action Edited by Jonas Hoffmann and Ivan Coste-Manière

  • cover for: Leadership: All You Need To Know

    10. Leadership: All You Need To Know David Pendleton and Adrian Furnham

The 2015 Business & Management Collection from Palgrave Connect will offer access to over 135 Palgrave Macmillan ebooks in business and management when complete. With new content added every week the 2015 Collection offers lecturers, researchers and students instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship.

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