The 2015 History Collection is now available
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Ranging from antiquity to the present and covering every part of the world, Palgrave Macmillan's comprehensive history ebook collections include award-winning research titles and cutting-edge edited volumes. Top scholars include Akira Iriye, Peniel Joseph, David Cannadine and many others. Encompassing all major subdisciplines in the field, our History list transcends conventional geographical and disciplinary boundaries through many high-profile global series that offer new perspectives, illuminate interdisciplinary angles and employ fresh and exciting methodologies.

The History list includes acclaimed titles such as Pat Manning's Big Data in History, one of the most recent titles to publish in our Palgrave Pivot format. Additional highlights include the innovative new book in the The Holocaust and its Contexts series, Britain and the Holocaust by Caroline Sharples and Olaf Jensen, and our exciting new title by Walter L.Hixson, American Settler Colonialism.

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Most Accessed

  • cover for: Living the French Revolution, 1789-99

    1. Living the French Revolution, 1789-99 Peter McPhee

  • cover for: Palgrave Advances in the Modern History of Sexuality

    2. Palgrave Advances in the Modern History of Sexuality Edited by Matt Houlbrook and H.G. Cocks

  • cover for: Rethinking the Atlantic World

    3. Rethinking the Atlantic World Edited by Manuela Albertone and Antonino De Francesco

  • cover for: Women, Gender and Enlightenment

    4. Women, Gender and Enlightenment Barbara Taylor and Sarah Knott

  • cover for: The Dreyfus Affair

    5. The Dreyfus Affair George R. Whyte

  • cover for: People and their Pasts

    6. People and their Pasts Edited by Hilda Kean and Paul Ashton

  • cover for: Palgrave Advances in the Crusades

    7. Palgrave Advances in the Crusades Edited by Helen Nicholson

  • cover for: Making Settler Colonial Space

    8. Making Settler Colonial Space Edited by Tracey Banivanua Mar and Penelope Edmonds

  • cover for: Pan-Asianism and Japan's War 1931-1945

    9. Pan-Asianism and Japan's War 1931-1945 Eri Hotta

  • cover for: 1968 in Europe

    10. 1968 in Europe Martin Klimke and Joachim Scharloth

The 2015 History Collection from Palgrave Connect will offer access to over 175 Palgrave Macmillan ebooks in history when complete. With new content added every week the 2015 Collection offers lecturers, researchers and students instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship.

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