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The 2015 Language & Linguistics Collection is now available
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The expanding Language and Linguistics list at Palgrave Macmillan caters to academics, lecturers, practitioners and students alike. Our academic titles are renowned and respected by the Linguistics community, providing depth and breadth of research in the fields of Applied Linguistics and Language Education, including Sociolinguistics and Discourse Studies, Language and Globalization, as well as non-applied areas such as Pragmatics and Language and Cognition.

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Most Accessed

  • cover for: Language Acquisition

    1. Language Acquisition Edited by Susan Foster-Cohen

  • cover for: Realizing Autonomy

    2. Realizing Autonomy Edited by Kay Irie and Alison Stewart

  • cover for: Stance and Voice in Written Academic Genres

    3. Stance and Voice in Written Academic Genres Edited by Ken Hyland and Carmen Sancho Guinda

  • cover for: Psychology for Language Learning

    4. Psychology for Language Learning Edited by Sarah Mercer, Stephen Ryan and Marion Williams

  • cover for: Intercultural Interaction

    5. Intercultural Interaction Helen Spencer-Oatey and Peter Franklin

  • cover for: Language Policy

    6. Language Policy David Cassels Johnson

  • cover for: Functional Grammar in the ESL Classroom

    7. Functional Grammar in the ESL Classroom Rodney H. Jones and Graham Lock

  • cover for: Audiovisual Translation

    8. Audiovisual Translation Edited by Gunilla Anderman and Jorge Dأaz Cintas

  • cover for: Children Learning Second Languages

    9. Children Learning Second Languages Annamaria Pinter

  • cover for: Politicians and Rhetoric

    10. Politicians and Rhetoric Jonathan Charteris-Black

The 2015 Language & Linguistics Collection from Palgrave Connect will offer access to over 65 Palgrave Macmillan ebooks in language and linguistics when complete. With new content added every week the 2015 Collection offers lecturers, researchers and students instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship.

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